Social-Emotional Wellbeing Survey (SEW)

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Survey overview

The Social-Emotional Wellbeing Surveys have been designed to provide schools with information on the student population (whole school, specific year levels, targeted groups) so that schools can use the data to direct planning and problem-solving efforts. In 2015 the author of the Social-Emotional Wellbeing Survey, Professor Michael Bernard, and ACER conducted a review of the survey. As a result of this review an updated version of the Primary and Secondary SEW survey was developed and released in 2018. The Early Years Teacher Perception survey was not revised but remains available to administer.

This is an anonymous group survey, student identification details are not included in the Survey Reports. Reporting is by year level and gender groups, ie year 8 boys, year 8 girls etc. To maintain anonymity and to provide reliable data, there is a minimum requirement of at least 10 students in each year level and gender group. Reports will not include year level and gender groups which are below this minimum. For example, at least 10 year 2 boys must complete surveys to have this year level/gender group included in the report.

Forms available

Form No of Questions Year Level Completed by
Primary 42 Year 2 to 6 Student
Secondary 76 Year 7 to 12 Student
Early Years Teacher Perception 50 Kindergarten,
Foundation & year 1
Generating reports

The Social-Emotional Wellbeing survey is a confidential survey and is not designed to report individual student responses. In order to maintain the anonymity of student responses, SEW reports require a minimum of 10 responses per gender and year level. Similarly, reports will not generate if there are multiple responses from the same students within the specified report date range. If you receive an error message, try narrowing the date range of your report to cover only one survey period.

Follow the steps below to generate SEW reports:

  1. Click Students
  2. Select your required students
    • Click the tick next to students' names to select your students one at a time, or
    • Filter your list to view a specific group and then click Select all x students
  3. Click Generate report 
  4. Select Social-Emotional Wellbeing
  5. Select Survey Results
  6. Select the required Form from the drop-down menu
  7. Specify the required date range for the report
  8. Click Generate report
  9. Click View report
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