Assessment of Languages Competence (ALC)


ALC is offered in three levels. These levels are based approximately on hours of language learning, although the hours of language learning should be considered only as a guide.

The questions in the tests are not based on which year level students are in, but rather their familiarity with the language, based on how long they've been learning it, the nature of the classroom program and their opportunities to experience the language in use.

  • Level 1 is for students who have studied the language for approximately 100 hours by the time of testing.
  • Level 2 is for students who have studied the language for approximately 200 hours by the time of testing.
  • Level 3 is for students who have studied the language for approximately 300 hours by the time of testing.

There are Listening and Reading tasks available at each level.

Note: The recommended study hours of target languages (as detailed above) should also be guided by teacher knowledge of student skills.


ALC reports

The Group Report provides information at a test form level, reporting on question-specific information.

Follow the steps below to generate reports from the Students page:

  1. Go to the Students page.
  2. Filter and select the students you wish to generate a report for. You can select a student by marking/ticking the checkbox to the left of the student's name, or by clicking Select all students if a filter has been applied.
  3. Click on Generate Report.
  4. Select the assessment to report on from the menu.
  5. Choose the report type you wish to generate and any required fields (i.e. Test form).
  6. Select the time period to report on from the graph.
    1. You may need to Reset zoom if no results are displayed.
    2. You can click and drag across the chart to highlight and select a date range for the report.
    3. You can manually input a date range using ' From' and 'To'.
    4. You can choose a specific date by clicking on that date’s bar graph.
  7. Click Generate report, and then View report.


Information within the Group Report

Name The name of the student completing the test.
Date The date the student completed the test.
Raw score The number of questions the student answered correctly.
Question number The specific question within the test form.
Question classification The skill being assessed by the question. View more information about the question classifications here.
Percentage correct within this group The percentage of students within this report who answered the question correctly.

Students’ chosen answers are displayed under each question number. Correct answers to multiple-choice questions are coloured green with ticks and incorrect answers are coloured pink along with the incorrect answer (A, B, C or D) selected by the student. NA, on a white background, indicates the student did not select an answer.


Interacting with the Group Report

The report can be sorted by all the options listed above, by clicking on the words. For example, click on Raw score to sort the report by the students’ raw score results.

Specific test question content is accessible in a pop-up box by clicking on a question number. It displays the number of students (also displayed as a percentage) in your report that chose each response option. The answer outlined in green indicates the correct answer.



Click on DownloadTable (Excel File).

  1. Click Table to export an Excel spreadsheet of the Group Report. A pop-up box will appear containing a list of extra information you can tick to include the export file – Unique ID, Username, DOB, Gender and Tags.
  2. Tick the boxes next to any extra information you want to include in the export file. If you do not require any extra information to be included, leave all the options unticked.
  3. Click Export report. An Excel spreadsheet version of the group report will generate, which you can save to your computer. The file type will save in *.xls format.
  4. Click Close to return back to the main Group Report screen.
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