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Enrolling students

The Global Academic Challenge is intended for high-achieving students and aims to stretch their skills and knowledge. As it is an academic competition, some of the questions within each learning area will be relatively difficult, so we advise teacher discretion in deciding which students to enrol. Please contact us at for further advice.


Advising parents

You may wish to advise parents of your school’s decision to participate in this year’s Global Academic Challenge. The following template can be downloaded and edited to suit your school’s needs.


Accessibility request 

Please advise us of any special considerations that your students may require and we will work with you to provide appropriate accommodations. Accommodations must be approved by ACER prior to students commencing the Challenge. Please submit a request for accommodations. 


Practice material

No practice or revision is required as the Challenge focuses on a student’s ability to apply their understanding of each learning area in unfamiliar contexts, rather than use their knowledge of curriculum.

Sample material is available to help determine the appropriateness of the Challenge for each of your students and to help familiarise your students with the format of the questions. The sample material has been made available in PDF for ease of distribution, however the Challenge is only available for online administration. Please submit a request for samples. 


Account management 

  • Check that your school's technical infrastructure meets the minimum technical requirements to administer the Challenge. 
  • Add new student records to your account.
  • Edit existing student records, for example updating their year level and class details for the current school year.
  • Provide relevant staff access to the account, either to update student records or to assist with administering the Challenge.
  • Assign the appropriate Challenge to your students.
  • Download lists of students' usernames and passwords.
  • Adjust your school's testing days and hours under the Account tab. Please note only account administrators have access to this section.


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