Logging in and managing your account

This article provides information about accessing your ACER online assessment and reporting account. As a teacher or school staff member, you will use your account to manage and report on your students' testing.

The following topics are covered in this article:

Logging in

Each school using ACER's online assessments will have an online account with a unique URL. Staff members and students using the account to manage or complete tests will user the same account URL, so we recommend saving the address as an easily accessible link on school devices.

Every user will have a unique username as well as a password that will give them access to the account.

Australian schools

If your school has an existing account, try searching for it here: https://oars.acer.edu.au/clients/search

If you have lost your login details, click 'Forgot your password?' on your account login page to request an email with your username and a password reset link.


ACER does not collect student email addresses for the purposes of administering online assessments, so students are unable to reset their own passwords. For more information on managing student details, including passwords and usernames, see our article about changing students’ details


The Home page displays a list of your available tests and a summary of your testing activity for the current year. Information about new assessments, upcoming events, or important account updates are highlighted in the carousel.


Use the Students page to manage your student list and to preview and assign tests. You can also generate reports from this page by selecting individuals or groups of students.

This page displays students who have been added to the account and who are marked as being enrolled at your school. Previously enrolled students who remain in your account can also be found here. In addition to the students' names, the table shows their year levels and any currently assigned tags or tests.

In addition to viewing and managing students’ details, you can assign tests and generate reports on selected students.

Finding your students

  • Click the magnifying glass in each column heading to search and filter the student list by Name, Year Level, Tags, or Active Tests.
  • Click the column heading itself to sort your list alphabetically or numerically.
  • Click 1-25 of x to adjust the total number of students listed on each page.
  • Click All enrolled students and Show unenrolled to view unenrolled students.

Selecting your students

  • Click the boxes next to students' names to select your students one at a time, or
  • Filter your list to view a specific group and then click Select all students (filtered).

Viewing students' login details

  • Select your required students and click Login details.
  • Click Download login details to export an Excel spreadsheet, or
  • Click Print to print a hard copy list of student details.


  • Search for and select groups of students to perform any action – assign tags or tests, edit details or generate reports.
  • Keeping your students' details accurate and up to date will make it easier to find your required students quickly.
  • If you can't find your required students, check your list of unenrolled students or check with your account administrator that you have been assigned access to the necessary year levels and tags.


The Staff page displays all staff members with a login to the account. From here, you can add, edit, and remove staff accounts. This page is only accessible to users with the Client Administrator role.


  • Student information privacy is paramount, so shared staff logins are discouraged. You should review and update your staff list regularly to ensure only current staff members can access the account.
  • Roles, tags, and year levels allow you to provide staff members with access to only their required students.


Click Reports to access your students’ test results at any time. You may also generate reports directly from the Students page.


Free trials, annual licences, and test credits

Many of our online assessments are available to purchase as part of a 12-month licence. For most schools, licences are the most flexible and cost-effective option. Alternatively, you can purchase individual test credits at a flat price per test, per student.

If you have not previously used an assessment, you may have the option to try it at no cost. Select the free trial option from within the Store or contact our support team for more information.

Placing an order

Account administrators can purchase tests by card or invoice at any time within the Store.

Renewing your test licence

Account administrators will be notified by email when it is time to renew your assessment licence. Simply follow the link from the email or on the Home page of your account to renew your licence for a further 12 months.


Your account settings and details are recorded on the Account page (only accessible to users with the Client Administrator role). Update your school’s contact details, operating hours, and testing restrictions here.

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