Changing students’ details

This article provides information about accessing your ACER online assessment and reporting account. As a teacher or school staff member, you will use your account to manage and report on your students' testing.

The following topics are covered in this article:

Changing details for one student

Follow the steps below to quickly edit a student's details from the Students page.

  1. Click a student's name to view their details.
  2. If you have been assigned permission to edit student details, you can edit the student information fields.
  3. After making your changes, click Save

Changing details for multiple students at once

  1. Filter your student list to display the students whose details you need to edit.
  2. Manage > Edit students – file upload
  3. Click Download student data
  4. Edit the necessary details within the Excel file, being careful to follow the guidelines listed under Show Excel help
  5. Save the file in the *.xls format.
  6. Within the Bulk edit students pop-up window, click Select a file
  7. Select your saved file.
  8. Import students

If any errors are detected by the system, you will receive a message and a link to download an Excel file listing the relevant errors.

Correct the errors and repeat steps 5–8 above.


  • Do not delete, edit, or move the column headers.
  • Note that the 'System ID' in Column A is used by the system to identify each student’s results data.
    Do not edit or move these System IDs between students.
  • You may not add new students to the account via this bulk edit process. Please follow the instructions on how to add students in bulk.
  • If you need to unenrol students from your account, please enter 'unenrolled' in the 'Enrolled' column. Deleting students from this Excel file will mean that no change is made to their details.

Changing students’ passwords

Follow the steps below to quickly reset students' passwords in bulk from the Students page.

  1. Filter your student list to display the students whose passwords you need to reset.
  2. Click Manage > Password reset
  3. Select one of the two options:
    • Assign all students the same custom password
    • Randomly assign different passwords to each student
  4. Click Reset passwords

Year level rollover

At the end of each school year, Client Administrators can use the year level rollover feature to easily roll existing students into their correct year levels for the next year.

  1. On the Students page, click Year level rollover
  2. Review the list of students in the first year level, deselecting any students who will not be advancing one year level (i.e. those who have left the school, who will be repeating a year level, or advancing more than one year level).
  3. Click Next to review each year level.
  4. On the final page, you will be asked to select an action for each of your deselected students (unenrol, repeat current year, or skip a year). 
    You will also be prompted to close all incomplete tests and unassign all unstarted tests from the school year just finished.
  5. Click Roll over students for next year > Refresh


The year level rollover assumes that all students will be advancing one year level at the beginning of the new school year. 

If any student's year levels are out of date by more than one year the year level rollover feature will not function. Update these students' details manually before completing the year level rollover.

Managing student tags

Student tags provide a way to easily identify and select groups of students. This is useful if you would like to quickly find and select a group of students within your list to assign tests or generate reports.

Tags are optional and students may be assigned multiple tags.

Follow the steps below to create the tags that you would like to assign to your students:

  1. Click Students > Tags > Create new tags
  2. Enter the names of each tag into the text box. Separate each tag with a comma.
    Note: Tags need to be managed manually if your groups change, for example, as students change classes at the beginning of each year.

Once you have created tags, you may assign them to, and unassign them from, students in the following ways:

  • at the time that you add new students to the account
  • via either the bulk or individual student edit process described above
  • directly from the Students page


If you are not an administrator of your account, check that you have been assigned permission to manage the necessary student tags.

Follow the steps below to assign tags to, or unassign tags from, your students from the Students page:

  1. Select your students
  2. Tags > Assign or Unassign
  3. Select the tags you want to assign to – or unassign from – your students.
  4. Assign tags to students or Unassign tags from students
  5. Clear selection before selecting the next group of students and assigning another tag.


  • Use tags to identify class groups, or groups of students you would like to test or report on separately (for example, EAL students or students on Individual Learning Plans).
  • Take care to be consistent in the formatting and naming of your tags (spaces, capitals, punctuation etc.) When adding or editing student details in bulk, the tag names within the Excel file need to match your created tags exactly.
  • If your school's database of student details has an established format for naming groups, it is best to replicate this in your tag names. This will greatly increase the ease with which you can add and edit student details in bulk.
  • If you would like – in the future – to generate reports according to historical groups (rather than only by students' current groups), add the calendar year to the tag name.
    For example, '2A 2018'. This will allow you to easily generate a report for that group of students even if the students subsequently move into different groups. You will still be able to generate reports on past test sittings, even if you do not follow this step.
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