Managing student tags

Tags can be managed by staff members with Administrator and Candidate Manager roles.​

Read more about staff user roles and permissions here.

By default, all students are identified and searchable within your account by year level, but you may wish to use tags to identify students by different characteristics. 

Tags are most commonly used for classes, homerooms and extension groups, although a benefit of a self-managed account is that you are able to tag by any characteristic you wish. Be aware that if characteristics change (for example, when a student is enrolled in a new class the following year), the tags will need to be updated accordingly.

You must create tags before assigning them to your students:

  1. Click Students
  2. Click Tags
  3. Click Create new tag or
    click Manage tags to view and manage all existing tags

Students can be tagged with as many tags as required, and tag names can be entered in any format.

Assign and unassign tags to students within your account:

  1. Click Students
  2. Click the boxes next to your students' names to select them
  3. Click Tags
  4. Click Assign or unassign

Read more about other methods of assigning tags in this article about changing students details.


  • Assign tags before you test the students. Tags do not connect to test sittings retroactively.
  • Be consistent wherever you can with naming your tags to make it easier to find them again.

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