Training and professional learning options

ACER offers a wide range of professional learning and training options to support you in making a real difference in students' learning.

If you would like to discuss any of the following options, please contact us at

Video conferences and school visits

Aimed at educators who are keen to develop and further their knowledge and understanding of PAT or other ACER school assessments. Ideally suited to staff responsible for administering or reporting on assessments, or for implementing teaching and learning strategies informed by assessment results.

Initial consultation (20-minute video conferences)

  • Chat about PAT
  • Chat about other ACER assessments

Cost: Nil

Extended consultation (90-minute video conference)

  • PAT overview
  • Understanding PAT Adaptive
  • Interrogating PAT reports
  • Monitoring PAT learning growth

Cost: $680.00 inc. GST


The half-day and full-day workshops are tailored to your school's needs. Staff can ask questions and discuss with colleagues while looking at your school data in real time, with an ACER presenter available to answer any questions or assist in identifying areas of development.

$1350.00 inc. GST per ACER presenter for half-day workshop (3 hours)
$2680.00 inc. GST per ACER presenter for full-day workshop (6 hours)

Note that all face-to-face school visits will incur travel and accommodation costs in addition to the initial registration fees. For workshop sessions of more than 25 attendees, two ACER presenters are required.

These sessions are priced for individual schools, for more information about group, system, network, or multiple school bookings, please contact the team.

Understanding PAT workshop

This workshop is designed for educators who want to develop their knowledge and understanding of PAT and the Progressive Achievement approach. It provides an overview of PAT implementation in the Maths  and Reading domains, from accessing student data to identifying students’ next steps in their learning, in a range of school environments.

See a list of upcoming workshop dates here.

In this highly practical workshop, you will learn how to analyse student assessment data effectively to determine their understanding of key skills and concepts and identify their teaching and learning needs. It is highly recommended that you arrange access to the data in your school’s online account for use in this session to make the learning as relevant and realistic as possible.

Every step of the PAT assessment process will be covered, from tutorials and investigation tasks demonstrating how to access student data, to case studies illustrating simple reporting and data interrogation methods that will help you link data with teaching practice.

The evidence-based, holistic Progressive Achievement approach helps educators monitor student growth and target teaching where it is needed most, and the Understanding PAT workshop will show you how to get the most from your PAT data.

Cost: $440.00 incl. GST (per attendee)

Free webinars

Click the titles below to register your attendance.

All webinars are recorded and are available for registrants following the session, regardless of whether you are able to attend.

Unpacking PAT – Progressive Achievement for new teachers

Wednesday, 14 February 4 pm AEDT

This session is designed to assist new teachers who are unfamiliar with PAT. The School Engagement team will unpack the Progressive Achievement Approach, offer recommendations around administering the PAT assessments and complete a live demonstration of generating reports.

Classroom strategies – Modelling the PAT Teaching Resources Centre content

Wednesday, 21 February 4 pm AEDT

This session will model effective practice of identifying student needs within reports, and how to locate relevant activities to support the identified student needs. It will also cover grouping students of similar abilities, differentiated learning, targeted and individual student support and model how teaching activities can be used in the classroom.

Q&A with Helen Timperley, author of Leading Professional Conversations

Wednesday, 28 February 4.15 pm AEDT

Drawing from Helen Timperley’s new professional resource for school leaders, this Q&A will focus on how school leaders can promote deep professional learning and genuine improvement practices through their conversations with teachers to enhance outcomes for every student.

Predicting scale score gain – A study into PAT Reading and PAT Maths scale scores

Wednesday, 13 March 4 pm AEDT

This session will explore a recent study conducted by ACER that modelled the relationship between student year level, scale score starting point and time between assessments. The study resulted in a set of scale score gain predictions based on varying year level and scale score starting points. The team will also show how future predicted gain can be viewed and interpreted in the ACER Data Explorer.

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