ISA Interactive Tracking Report

Available as an additional purchase for ISA schools. 

The ISA Interactive Tracking Report allows a school to monitor the performance over time of individual students and of different groups of students within a school. Data from all schools participating in the ISA program have been used to establish reliable benchmarks for student performance. With this report it is possible to monitor, over a number of calendar years, whether student performance has changed in relation to these benchmarks.

All students have their performance in each domain measured against a single scale. The ISA scale scores for a student are different from the raw scores that the student would get by adding up the number of correctly answered questions on a given test. The ISA scale makes it possible to make meaningful comparisons of results between different grade levels and between different calendar years, even though the tests administered are not the same.

With this report, the performance of an individual student in mathematical literacy, reading and writing can be compared to the performance of other students in your school, as well as the ISA Reference Norm. The report can also be adjusted to take into account the characteristics of gender and English-speaking background. Different cohorts of students can be measured against benchmarks from all ISA schools and from ISA schools with similar levels of English-speaking students.

The performances of students who have participated in the ISA program for at least two test administrations (known as ‘matched’ students) can be tracked. Easy comparison can be made between the matched cohort of students and the full cohort. This feature allows schools to see the impact of student turnover on cohort performance.

Note: A full name and date of birth are used to identify individual students within a school. The matching process does not apply where a student changes his/her name between test administrations or moves from one school to another.

This report is recommended for schools that have participated in ISA programs for at least three administrations. This report does not provide detailed information or analysis of student performance on individual test items. For detailed information relating to a single test administration, please refer to the ISA standard reports including the ISA Interactive Diagnostic Report.

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