Generate reports

Generate a report from the Students page

Most reports can be directly generated from the student management page of your account. 

Follow the steps below to generate reports from the Students page:

  1. Filter and select the students you wish to generate a report for. You can select a student by clicking the checkbox to the left of the student's name, or by clicking Select all students if a filter has been applied.
  2. Click on Generate report

  3. Select the assessment from the menu.
  4. Choose the report type you wish to generate and complete any required fields
  5. Select the report time period from the chart.
    • You may need to Reset zoom if no results are displayed.
    • You can click and drag across the chart to highlight and select a date range for the report.
    • You can manually input a date range using 'From' and 'To'.
    • You can choose a specific date by clicking on that date’s bar chart.
  6. Click Generate report and then View report.


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