Adding staff members to your account

Account administrators can create logins for staff members and teachers to manage student lists, assign tests and view reports.

This article covers the different methods to provide staff access to your account:

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Only account administrators have the ability to view, add and manage staff logins.

Invite staff members

You may invite staff members to set up their own usernames and passwords. This method is best suited to creating multiple logins for staff members who require the same role and access to the same groups of students:

  1. Click StaffBulk invite
  2. Download the template Excel file.
  3. Populate the spreadsheet with staff members' details and save the file.
    Note: Check the descriptions and requirements for each field, as well as the names of the assignable roles.
  4. Click Browse and select the saved file.
  5. Click Import

You will receive a message confirming the successful invitation of staff members. If there are any errors detected within your spreadsheet, you will be prompted to download a spreadsheet of those errors.

Download the file, correct the errors, and complete Steps 4 and 5.

Staff members will receive an email containing a link to create their own usernames and passwords for the account.

The staff members will show in your staff list as 'Pending' until they have accepted the invitation and set up their login details.

You can re-send the email invitation at any time by clicking Staff > View >Re-send invitation 

Add staff members in bulk

If you are creating logins for a large number of staff members, you can do this in bulk by populating the Excel template and then importing the file:

  1. Click StaffCreate
  2. Click ‘Download Excel template’.
  3. Populate the template file with staff members’ details, being careful to follow the Excel template guidelines listed on the Create staff page.
  4. Save the file in the *.xlsx format.
  5. Return to the Create staff page and click Browse
  6. Select your saved file.
  7. Click Upload

If any errors are detected by the system, you will receive a message and a link to download an Excel file listing the relevant errors. Correct the errors and repeat steps 4–8.

Add individual staff members

If you are only wanting to create logins for a few staff members, it is easiest to do this one at a time:

  1. Click StaffCreate
  2. Scroll down to Option 2 and enter the staff member’s details.
  3. Select a role, or roles, for the staff member.
  4. Select the relevant year levels and/or tags to assign to the staff member.
    Note: By assigning a student tag to a staff member, you are allowing them the ability to use that tag to filter the student list and reports. Assigning tags to staff members does not necessarily restrict them from viewing other students in your account.
  5. Click Create

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